Text Classification for PHP Applications

The task of text classification is one of the oldest in Natural Language Processing and was well considered in the past. There are some common methods for classification using Artificial Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines and other machine learning models. The problem with these approaches is the amount of training data that has to be […]

How NBDS learns to learn

After a long period of absence, I’m back to announce the 0.2.5 version of the neuron-based data structure called NBDS. This project was introduced in december 2010 as a concept. After that, the development of NBDS still continued, so I wrote about my first implementation of NBDS concept in PHP. This post is about the […]

Theta8 – Next step website analysis

I’m proudly present a new release of a project, that I’ve developed at the cip-labs. It’s named Theta8. This smart web application analyzes the response of a given URL and collects some data about it. It gives advices, tricks and tipps for the frontend optimization. Below, I will explain some functionality in more details: How […]

Neuron based data structure – An implementation

Exactly one year ago, I came out with an idea of a neuron based data structure. In the first article about this idea, I tried to give an overview about, how this data model should work. In the article below, I introduce you to the implementation of this model. It’s still in development, but all functions […]

Ipsum – The PHP formula parser

Some time ago, I thought about that it would nice to have a smart piece of code, that calculates the result of a given formula. The next step, I thought about, was to integrate customized functions into the code. So, I wrote a parser, that is able to do all this things. This article deals […]

Benford Calculation in PHP

Some month ago, I came out with an article about Benfords Law. This article deals with the summation and product formula based implementation in C. The algorithm is indeed cool for small statistical games, but not nice to use, when you have a set of numbers. So, I developed a small class, that serves this […]

Nondeterministic Finite Automata in PHP

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about an implementation of a DFA (deterministic finite automaton) in PHP. Today, I present a implementation for an automaton, that is not deterministic. It means, that the automaton have no, one or more than one edges (for an element from the input alphabet) to an other state. […]

Deterministic Finite Automaton in PHP

An important area of the theoretical computer science deals with finite automata and languages. We use a finite automaton to detect words of regular languages. The types of grammars that create a language are defined in the CHOMSKY-hierachy (Noam Chomsky). The table below shows the CHOMSKY-hierachy: no. title 0 recursively enumerable 1 context-sensitive 2 context-free […]

PHP INI Optimization

This short article i have focused on a special field of PHP optimization. It deals with the php.ini. The php.ini file is the configuration file of PHP. It contains directives and settings, that affect the execution of the PHP script. The possible modifcations, that you can do to increase the speed of execution, are very […]

PHP Code Performance

This article deals with some PHP code optimizations. The list of tipps & tricks  is not complete at all and i will try to add more tests. I did this tests on windows and linux environments to make safe that the results are rough valid. It’s really important for a good PHP developer that he […]