Nearly every web-application needs a professional framework that provides functionality, scalability and useful utilities for creating and extending  good code. At cip-labs I use an inhouse framework for creating web projects. While working on several projects, I extend this lightweight framework with useful features. Now, it’s just in development stage and some features are not ready to post it on the blog, but time after time I will release some parts of the framework to the public.

The first on the blog and latest part in the framework itself is the floraPHP string library. The library contains useful functions (procedural style) to do string manipulation in PHP. PHP delivers some built-in functions, but for intensive string handling it’s not enough.

With this library you can e.g. analyze datatypes of word sof a given string, calcute average sentence and word length, check whether $needle is a word in $haystack, use a more flexible sub string function and so on.

goto: floraPHP string library project page

goto: floraPHP project page