An improved version of Theta8 was sold out of the project portfolio of code is poetry laboratories.

Theta8 is a performance analysis engine, that analyse the frontend performance of your web application. Based on PHP and C, the engine will test nearly all aspects of your frontend speed. It checks the values of your metatags (suggests the missing ones) and gives some advises to optimize them. Furthermore it does all requests and checks all links from this site. It detects dead links, mime-types and some more information about it. Theta8 will also check your CSS classes (number of uses, definition). In later versions, we want do improve the CSS analysis. Theta8 can also give you tips for speeding up your web application with minification, compression, merging, caching and spreading of hosts.


Below, I listed the features, that are currently implemented:

  • analyze metatags and make suggestions
  • detect CSS classes
  • request links and resources (e.g. headers, mime-types, dead link detection)
  • analyze caching, minification, merging and compression
  • tips for spreading hosts


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  1. Love the website– extremely user friendly and lots to see!

  2. Thanks for offering these types of superior content

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