PHP Registry Class

This class implements one pattern of the object-oriented programming. It’s called Singleton-pattern. You can use it as a global container for your application. It acts like a global array, that stores variables, objects and arrays for you – and it is avaible everywhere in your application. This pattern is as simple as it is powerful.

download: latest version (1.0.0)



This function initialize the Registry for use. You can also call it, if you want to reset the Registry (remove all objects).


  • No params



set($key, $value)


adds or updates the $value with the $key


  • $key – the key in the array
  • $value – value of $key in the array


boolean – true on success, false on failure



returns the value of $key from the array


  • $key – element to return


the element (by reference) on success, false on failure



it tests, whether the key exists or not


  • $key – key of the required element


boolean – true on success, false on failure



removes an element from the array


  • $key – key to remove





returns the number of elements in the array


  • no params


integer – number of elements


/* init e.g. a database connection -> $conn */
/* do something other operations or jump */
/*into another function */
/* or */
$conn = Registry::get('db');
/* continue working */

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