Gopher Neural – Simple But Effective Machine Learning in Golang

Simple and efficient machine learning in Golang was never that easy. I was looking for a solution, that enables me to easily build classifiers and regressors using Golang. So I developed gopher-neural around a very simple back propagation implementation that already exists. Quickstart See examples here: Roadmap current version 1.1: Visions, feature ideas and adjustments: Preface […]

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Phonetizz – Overstrain Levenshtein for Phonetic Applications

Levenshtein based and phrase accepting phonetic algorithm written in Golang. Need Most phonetic algorithms are using a code or symbols that are not easily comparable. This motivates the development of a phonetic algorithm that uses the simplest forms of text comparison. With Phonetizz the Levenshtein distance metric was utilized to perform such calculations for such […]

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DreamCity – Build your own German city

Bring your fictive German city name and get latitude and longitude of it.  Intention With this project I had 2 intensions: Find relations in names of German locations, founding date and the cultures / nations there. For instance I tried to find differences in the naming of locations in the south of the German republic […]

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Answer Type Detection for German Language

The second post of the NLPG project of cip-labs deals with data. Here is the data you need to train a classifier with the widely used taxonomy of Li and Roth [1] for the German language. This data was published in the context of the master thesis of Alexander Bresk [2]. This thesis also introduces a novel […]

SemMap – The semantic map for German language

During my long absence from code is poetry labs, I’ve worked on my master thesis. My thesis was on the topic Question Answering using Unstructured Data and was created to solve the QA task for the German language. The thesis produced a lot of byproducts and ideas to continue the work on this topic. All […]

Answer Type Detection with German Text

This short note, which was originally released on my private blog,  is a part of the preparations for my master thesis.  The thesis tries to propose a Question Answering system that pursues two goals: Replace a static FAQ section with an input field to search in unstructured data Act as a part of a dialog system […]

Edit Distance revisited

Hi folks. After I’ve introduced some Natural Language Processing stuff on my blog, this article should point on a distance metric that is commonly used to correct wrong words. Some mobile phones are using this algorithm to correct the input for SMS messages and so one. There is talk of Edit Distance[1]. This metric is well-proven […]

Basketball: Making the game a bit more predictable!

I’m a real baller so I tried to understand the game that I’m playing on the court and watching on television. This was the motivation to this merry and fancy experiment. Sure, the game isn’t that unpredictable, but I was amazed how easy it is, to obtain good results with the simplest AI models. Introduction […]

Text Classification for PHP Applications

The task of text classification is one of the oldest in Natural Language Processing and was well considered in the past. There are some common methods for classification using Artificial Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines and other machine learning models. The problem with these approaches is the amount of training data that has to be […]

Emmy – The Autonomous RC Car

Hello World, I would like to introduce a new interesting project to cip-labs. This project deals with a 1:10 RC car named Emmy. The goal of the project is to build up a car that is able to drive autonomously on the street without any human intervention. Furthermore, Emmy should be able to follow recognized […]