Finding Multiplier nodes without graph analysis

This article provides an overview of statistical indicators to find users that have a significant high impact of other users. In the past, this was mostly done by graph analysis. This approach uses indicators that need no graph analysis for their results. Introduction Multiplier nodes are users in social networks that have a significant number […]

Ideas to bypass the frequency analysis

In the history of encryption article, I even dealt with mono alphabetic substitution. This means, that every letter from the source alphabet will be substituted with exactly one letter from the target alphabet. It is simple to understand as it is easy to crack. The mono alphabetic substitution can be cracked with the frequency analysis. […]

Neuron based data structure

Hello everyone, today I want to introduce to you the Neuron Based Data Structure (so called NBDS). Recently, I often dealt with the topic of medicine and the similarities to computer science. What can computer sciencists learn from medicine and nature?The answer is: Very much! Well, nearly everything that we have developed was originally inspired […]

The SMW concept [announcement]

This post is about an innovationlab-approved concept.  SMW is an acronym for social sms writing and it was developed by Alex. The goal is to write short messages with a social touch. Unfortunaly, the main-part of the 30 sites containing project handout (proof of concept) was cutted out, but you can read a short description […]